Reviews of farm and fleet water heaters

Farm & Fleet is a chain of retail stores in Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin, supplying a wide range of supplies for the mainly agricultural and automotive communities in the area. Many home owners and farmers in the area are interested in purchasing a farm and fleet water heater since the retail chain is stocking a wide range of water heaters for both home and farm applications. Different types of water heaters are stocked by the retailer based on the weather conditions in the area, and the demand from the customer. Like any other product, it is advisable to check the reviews of the water heaters before choosing a particular heater model

One of the considerations while choosing a water heater is the type of water heater, the energy source for the water heater. In some areas there is no reliable electric supply, so the water heater will be using gas, typically natural gas or propane as the energy source for heating. Hence in these areas, it is advisable to use a gas powered water heater. There are a large number of gas powered water heaters of different capacities like 40 gallon, 50 gallon and 80 gallon. Some of these water heaters are available on sale at a discounted price.

In many towns and cities, it is easier to get a reliable electric supply, so many people prefer to purchase an electric tankless water heater for their homes. Since there are only a few members in the home, these electric water heaters usually have a smaller capacity of less than 6 gallons. These electric tankless water heaters are usually compact in size so they can be easily installed in smaller homes and apartments. Some models also have additional features like a touch screen for better control, though the models with additional features are more expensive. Spare parts for these electric heaters are also available.

The larger capacity water heaters are usually ordered for agricultural applications, for installation in farms, barns and other similar areas. One of the considerations while purchasing a water heater, especially if the capacity of the heater is more is the efficiency of the water heater. Though some water heaters may be inexpensive, if the efficiency is less, the running cost of the water heater will be more, and the user will spend more money on fuel or electricity. Hence the frequency of use and efficiency is a major consideration while purchasing a water heater, and it is worth investing in the latest technology like electronic valve control for a water heater used often.

Installing a water heater is time consuming and expensive, since both the plumbing and electric or gas connections have to be made. Hence it is recommended that a high quality water heater should be installed, so that it can be used for many years, without any major repairs. The warranty offered on the water heater is one indication of the quality of the water heater. For many of the gas powered water heaters, usually from Reliance, a limited warranty of six years is offered on the water heater. So based on the amount of water to be heated, a suitable water heater should be selected.

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