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We are not heavily funded. We peddle t-shirts and stickers and do the best we can on very limited resources. We survive on the generous support of our donors. It ain't easy. If you like what we are doing, please consider a donation TODAY, we'll put your support to work right away. You donation is tax deductible!!

  • Dan Sutton
  • Meghan Richey
  • Kathy LaScala
  • Kirk Kimmelshue
  • Stephanie Licht
  • Betsy Hartley
  • J. Scott Vernon
  • PlacerGrown
  • Tulare-Kings CWA
  • Sara Landis
  • Sinclair Family Farms
  • Diane Coderniz
  • Rob Root
  • Salinas Valley Fair
  • Reedley College PALS Program
  • Pallet To Palate
  • Paula Bell
  • Carol Chandler
  • Laura Mendes
  • Celeste Settrini
  • DeGroot Family
  • Bill and Karri Hammerstrom
  • Tom and Cindy Payseno
  • Harold Weitzberg
  • JB Dewar Company
  • San Mateo County Farm Bureau


Hey, check us out on our Facebook Group, "I Love Farmers...They Feed  My Soul." We have more than 28,000 members and the group is growing  everyday! There lots of conversations going on about some hot topics.  Pretty entertaining and informative. Join the fun, post a comment, a cool video or some pictures.

Don't tippy toe around the edges, jump in on the discussion groups!  Say something! Speak up!

We appreciate the generous support of our industry partners. Please check out their websites and see the many great things they are doing to support American family farmers and ranchers.

Sunbelt Ag Expo

Cobb-Vantress, Inc.
California Women for Agriculture
California Women
for Agriculture
California Cattle Women
California Cattle Women

CCI Marketing

Chaparral Music

FarmPro Agribusiness Services

CHS Foundation
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