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Briana Tanaka
Union, Oregon
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Heppner, Oregon
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Central Point, Oregon
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Scio, Oregon
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Jon C. Calhoun
North Powder, Oregon
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Imbler, Oregon
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Jon C. Calhoun
  • Hometown:
    North Powder, Oregon
  • Favorite Foods:
    A little bit of everything. Northwest local strawberries, raspberries, and black-berries, authentic Italian pastas and breads, chargrilled steak and chicken breasts, and my absolute favorite, fresh-squeezed strawberry lemonade.
  • Hobbies:
    Anything outdoors, whether it is hiking, fishing, or chilling by the lake with friends. Seeing the world through a camera lens and traveling to new places, on both a national and international level. Although it is diesel trucks and muscle cars are my true passion and ultimate therapy.
  • Why I Love Farmers and Ranchers:
    It’s simple, they are my everything. To prove that, I took a deeper look into my daily routine.

    First, a wardrobe of cotton, silk, leather, and rubber on the soles of my shoes – all are products derived from agriculture. Breakfast is full of fruits and cereals from the production side of agriculture. My morning commute to class is fueled by the farmers too. Even the freshly brewed coffee beans from my stop at Starbucks are straight-up agriculture. While getting ready for a meeting, I looked at the tag on my Calvin Klein suit; it says 100% wool - meaning 100% agriculture. Both lunch and dinner are full of vegetables, dairy foods, animal products, and more. Farmers aren’t solely the man or woman in a tractor, but the suppliers of our lives – whether that is through food products, clothing, or gasoline. I encourage us all to take a step back; evaluating our own daily routine, to look for the parts of our day-to-day action aren’t affected directly by agriculture. Always to remember that agriculture is the food, fuel, and fiber of our world. For that, I salute to the Farmers and Ranchers that I love dearly.

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