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Briana Tanaka
Union, Oregon
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Devin Robinson
Heppner, Oregon
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Gabriella DeSimone
Central Point, Oregon
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Jasmine Unrau
Scio, Oregon
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Jon C. Calhoun
North Powder, Oregon
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Reva West
Imbler, Oregon
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Briana Tanaka
  • Hometown:
    Union, OR
  • Favorite Foods:
    Plain and simple: I love food. All food. Italian food, Mexican food, Japanese food, Greek food, Thai food, and even the greasiest hamburger at the local diner. If we’re talking about specifics, I’m particularly fond of seafood, creamy pasta dishes, and potentially anything wrapped in bacon.
  • My declaration:
    I am a creature of habit. Once I fall in love with something, I immediately can’t set it down. It’s probably why I have served in the Oregon FFA Association as a member, state officer, and now an intern for the past 9 years. It’s also why I always begin and end each guitar jam session with a Taylor Swift song. To top it off, it’s also why I believe there is no limit to how many times you can read the Harry Potter series.
  • Why I Love Farmers and Ranchers:
    The year after I graduated high school, I was blessed enough to travel Oregon and experience agriculture at it’s roots – all the way from organic farms to animal ranches to crop fields and everything in between. One particular visit has always stuck with me: this particular three-part operation was owned and run by a small family of farmers who specialized in potato production, dairy production, and crop/seed production. Despite the drought and intense heat experienced in their area, this family worked even harder to put food on the tables of people they’d never even met. I don’t know if it was the impressive nature of each production area, the obvious pride in the eyes of the lead farmer, or the adoration pouring from the son’s face, but something struck a chord with me – these particular farmers and farmers just like them are the entire reason why our society is able to do the most basic performance: to simply live. That is why I thank agriculture.
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