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It sounds so simple. You get hungry. You eat. But the reality is that it took a bunch of farmers a lot of blood, sweat and tears to feed us. In America, and particularly, California, we enjoy the greatest abundance of fresh, healthy and affordable food. As young people we don’t always take the time to consider the importance of our food supply - the importance of the American family farmer. We enjoy getting together with our friends to laugh, cry and often times eat. Food is part of our social experience. Whether it’s the comfort of a pizza, the nutrition of a garden salad or the juicy goodness of a tri-tip sandwich, in America it most likely started on a farm or ranch under the watchful eye of a family farmer or rancher.

Unfortunately that is not true of all of our food. And, we want you to know about it!

More and more of the fruits and vegetables, along with beef, pork and lamb are coming to America from countries that do not share our values for sustainably produced, wholesome and safe food. American family farmers operate in the most expensive, heavily regulated, closely watched farming environment in the world. They care about the environment, they care about their farm workers and they care about the consumers. In other countries this is not the case.

We love farmers. They feed our soul.

As young people we have an opportunity to make a difference in our world. Plus, we have an obligation to our future. If we do not make wise choices about where food in America comes from today, we will be become dependent on foreign sources of food tomorrow. That scares us. Look what happens when we depend on others for our oil. We fight wars and lose our friends.

We can’t let that happen to our food. That is why we love farmers. They feed our soul. Because our family farmers are the most innovative and productive farmers in the world, we enjoy a wonderful lifestyle.

We have a choice. If we read the labels and make a concerted effort to buy food products grown the United States, we can reduce our carbon footprint, help the environment, stimulate the economy and secure our global independence. It really is that simple. And, it is good for your soul.

Join us as we celebrate a true American hero, the family farmer. We love farmers. They feed our soul.

“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”
Henry Kissinger, 1970
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